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Liv Dooley is a novelist and a National Female Empowerment Strategist for women of all ages. As a former teacher, she understands how to scaffold information for young ladies from elementary school to those who’ve obtained multiple degrees and a wide variety of experience.

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Three Wishes and a Goal

Sophomore year should be easy, right? Wrong! Anya, London, and Meschell are shocked to find out that life is so much more complicated than they expected, especially when you throw boyfriends, drama, and birthday parties into the mix. After all, which is really more important: respect or your reputation? Preorder the third Colorfully Candid Diary today to receive it by Saturday, September 21, in time for the live video release party at Unconditional: St. Louis.

Liv speaks practically about the many experiences she’s had from grade school on through college to encourage young ladies to make wise choices. As a female empowerment strategist, Liv is passionate about equipping each audience member with steps that they can implement into their own lives to achieve their very best dreams and live life to the fullest. To book Liv, click on the link below.

Colorfully Candid provides a V.I.E.W. of the Future by Vividly Inspiring and Empowering Women of the future.

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